The Answer To The Reasonable Question; Is Quinoa Gluten Free

All things to be consumed promoted responsibly are always done within reason. Because the product introduction may be entirely new to the vast consumer market, a modicum of information, clearly stated and easy for laymen and women to follow through is given. In the health food sense, consumers who are progressive and enlightened have acted responsibly. They have been proactive in their search for new food sources that are entirely healthy, natural and organic in an effort to steer clear from as many processed food sources as possible.

is quinoa gluten free

And their search has been largely successful, particularly in the last few years where even traditional food processers have turned to natural, organic material in the interest of promoting health and safety among their regular consumers. While these exotic foods have essentially been in existence for thousands of years and utilized by indigenous populations, it is still news to the mainstream market. But it is all good news going forward.

One remote discovery has been that of the South American-based quinoa. It is quite literally manna from heaven. One major health concern that enlightened consumers are dealing with today is the regular inclusion of gluten, still a natural material, in their traditional diets. They have heard and read some of the stories on why gluten is bad for a growing number of people. And they have also discovered new gluten free products on their supermarket shelves.

One or two reasonable questions being asked by vegan converts in particular go along the lines of is quinoa gluten free, and is there a sufficient amount of protein and fiber included in this natural, organic and exotic discovery. And the answer consistently being provided to them is an emphatic yes. Yes, quinoa is gluten free. And good news for those who have given serious consideration to going vegan is that the levels of protein included in this plant-based food is sufficient to contribute towards their daily dietary requirements.

The fiber levels, a great source for those wishing to lose excess weight, is also healthy.