You No Longer Have To Click To Do The Things You Want To Do

If the mind does not boggle, it is always looking for new things to do. Back in the day, if two years, say, was a long time, you always had to website on a link to get what you were looking for. Half the time you did not even know what you were looking for so when you clicked on a link you had to click right out of it again when you found that this link was, like, oh so boring. That click and click out story is now so old fashioned.

Nowadays all we need to do is simply stare at our mobile screen, there’s all these apps there you see and then just swipe the screen, you only have to breathe on it, and there you go, you’re in. It is not even like wiping a soft rag to clean your desktop’s monitor. A breath of fresh air takes you right in. Well, that’s only if you’ve brushed your teeth this morning. You’d be amazed how many gamers forget to brush their teeth in the morning.

They’re like so in a hurry to get out of bed in the morning to see what’s coming up next in Diggy’s Adventure, because this is a story that could go on and on forever. So kids, you’re going to be on the bus in the morning, you could even be touching people, like rubbing up on them, please brush your teeth in the morning and groom yourself nicely. Your teacher might just smile and look away if you chose not to do your homework last night. And that’s all because you were too busy swiping looking for new games you can play on your mobile, right?

Right, thought so. And now it’s time lighten up. Now it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee for crying out loud. Because if you snooze, you lose, right. You are going to be one of those sorry asses that get left behind.

Yah, they even have doomsday games like that to play. Oh boy and here we are encouraging you to play games instead of getting you kids to do your homework at night.


But hey, don’t worry, many of these mobile games are educational, not so. So, if your mom catches you on your mobile playing Diggy’s Adventure, you can just say sweetly that you are busy with research.